Getting Started: Setting up e-Rx

Setting Up e-Rx in drchrono

In the drchrono EHR, all paid plan types have the option to e-prescribe medications. To start prescribing in drchrono, you can follow these steps to register for eRx. The setup process for eRx is also a pre-requisite for EPCS (electronic prescription of controlled substances).  

Navigating to the eRx Setup Portal

STEP 1: To begin the eRx setup process, mouse over 'Account' in your drchrono navigation bar and select 'Account Settings'.


STEP 2: Within Account Settings, select the 'eRx Info' tab, then click on the green 'Register to use eRx' button.

eRx Registration

STEP 3: When you hit the 'Register to use eRx' button, a registration page will appear. Please enter in the basic information the form asks for: Name, Address, DOB, SSN, NPI number and DEA number (optional).

STEP 4: Once you have entered in your information correctly you will then get five questions to verify your identity. You may skip one question, and will be asked an additional one in place of the skipped question. After you have answered all of the questions, your information will be verified and synced with Surescripts. The processing time for your request may take 1-2 business days. When your request is processed, you will then be done with eRx setup and be able to e-prescribe from your patient's chart.

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