How do I delete/make a patient inactive?


You can make patients inactive in your account so that they do not appear in your active patient list.  You can also make them inactive in the case of duplicate patients. 

DrChrono is a fully HIPAA compliant EHR.  With that being said, in order to stay HIPAA compliant we cannot delete patients, including accidental duplicates, in DrChrono. This includes accidental duplicate patients that may have been entered into the system. You can, however, make them Inactive so that they no longer appear in your patient list, but they will continue to be searchable in the event of an audit. Please follow the below steps to make a patient inactive. 

Please note: If the patient you are trying to delete is part of the sample data you can remove them by turning off the sample data under Account > Account Settings > Sample Data. 

1. Go to Patients Patient List or enter a patient's name or chart ID in the Search field in the top right. (If you use Search, it will take you to the patient's chart and you can go to step 3). 



2. In the Patient List, click on the chart ID of the patient you would like to make inactive. 



3. Once in the patient's chart, select the Important tab and go to Status and select Inactive or Inactive - Deceased



4. Once you have make your selection. scroll down, and click Save Demographics



If you need to view your inactive patients, go to Patients Patient List and select More Filters



Select either or both Inactive patients include or Inactive patients only




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