MU Details Report

What is it?
This report allows you to perform analysis of specific objectives over a period of time.  You can find all patients/appointments who have NOT met a specific measure and jump straight into the patient's chart to make any necessary changes.

How to get there
Clinical > MU Details Report

How to use:

1.  Using our Meaningful Use Report, you can track real-time which measures you are not meeting.  in this example, let's assume that I have NOT met Core Measure 3: Maintain Problem List:

2.  To find which patients I missed during this time period, I can jump over the the MU Details Report, select CORE-3: Maintain Problem List, and click "Run Report."

3.  When I run the report, I can see all three patients who have not met this particular criteria:

4.  From this report, I can actually jump into the patient's chart by clicking on the Chart ID, navigate to the Problem List, and indicate, for example, that there was no active problem:

4.  Now, when I return to my Meaningful Use Report and click "Refresh," I can see that I have now met the 80% threshold for this particular objective.  Woo hoo!

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