Core 12: Electronic Copy of Health Information

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Make health information available to your patients electronically.

Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including diagnostic test results, problem list, medication lists, medication allergies) upon request.

Objective for Stage 1, 2014, onward (Required)

Provide patients the ability to view online download and transmit their health information within 4 business days of the information being available to the EP.

More than 50 percent of all patients who request an electronic copy of their health information are provided it within 3 business days

Measure for Stage 1, 2014, onward (Required)

More than 50% of all unique patients seen by the EP during the EHR reporting period are provided timely (within 4 business days after the information is available to the EP) online access to their health information subject to the EP's discretion to withhold certain information. 

Any EP that has no requests from patients or their agents for an electronic copy of patient health information during the EHR reporting period.

How to

1.  Enable access to OnPatient for all of your patients, and all patients with an email address will automatically receive their health information.

2.  To ensure this setting is defaulted, go to Account > Settings > General Settings

3.  About halfway down the page, under the Meaningful Use section, make sure that the box is checked next to "Automated Patient Emails."  This is why it is important to document email addresses for all of your patients.

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