How do I add/edit exam rooms in an office?


The drchrono EHR gives you the ability to configure and customize your office's exam setup through the following functions:

  • Adding exam rooms
  • Removing exam rooms
  • Naming/renaming exam rooms
  • Setting office hours for exam rooms
  • Archive (remove) from scheduling calendar
  • Enable/disable online scheduling capabilities
  • Include/exclude exam rooms from Meaningful Use

In order to add/edit exam rooms, you need to navigate to your office editor page.



To reach your office editor, mouse over 'Account' on your navigation bar and select 'Offices'.


When you select 'Offices', the office manager will appear. Here you'll see a list of your offices. Select 'Edit' to the right of an office to configure that office's exam rooms.



When you select 'Edit', you'll be brought to the office editor. To change your exam room setup, select the 'Basic' tab.

Toward the bottom of the page, you'll reach a section that contains all your exam room settings.


Making Changes

To add an exam room, select the 'Number of Exam Rooms' drop down menu and select the number of desired exam rooms for this office.


To name or rename the exam room, type the exam room name in the text box next to the corresponding office number.

When you're done, select the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

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