Legacy Guide: Using drawing tools, and photos within drchrono

NOTICE: This article is written for an outdated version of the drchrono EHR/EMR mobile application. Versions 10.0.45 or earlier (releases prior to October 2016) of the EHR/EMR mobile application will cease to be supported after April 30, 2017. Please update your application to the most current version to receive the most up-to-date features and uninterrupted support.


You may access the updated version of this guide here.






Is your patient is complaining about his horrible rash?... don’t you wish you had a photo from last time to compare? Maybe you were sent a referral by a fellow doctor, wouldn’t it be great if they included a photo with the fax which highlighted the affected area?


drchrono has an extremely powerful imagery suite, which allows you to easily take photos of affected areas, save them, and edit them to highlight certain parts of the photo for faster reference in the future.


To get started and try out this feature, you can access it from within your clinical note. Select any “Free Draw” field.



If there’s already a diagram there, you can start drawing directly on the diagram using your finger, add text to type in instructions/notes, and save it so that it becomes attached to your clinical note for future reference.



If you would prefer to take your own picture, you can upload it directly from your iPad’s camera library OR take it with the camera. Once you take the photo, the “Free Draw” field becomes colored (instead of it’s previous black and white) and you can then edit the photo as you see fit - draw with your finger, insert text, etc.


This will then be inserted into the bottom of your clinical note, and you’re good to go!



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