How do I find the Payer ID number?

drchrono offers a great way to do all of your medical billing. A neccessary step in submitting your electronic claims is having what's called a Payer ID. A Payer ID is a unique ID number that is assigned to an insurance company for the purpose of transmitting your claims electronically. 

Each company has a specific number, and it must be 100% correct in order to collect on each claim. There are 2 ways of finding the Payer ID, one you do manually, and the other way will automatically poplulate when you enter it into patient file. 

To go to the Payer Search page click here, or follow the steps below to learn how to find the Payer ID. 

To find the Payer ID Manually 

1.) Log into your drchrono account. 

2.) Hover over the "Billing" tab and choose "Payer Search" under the Enrollments section.

3.) Choose the clearing house from the dropdown and type the name of the insurance company into the given field and click on 'Search'.

You will then see the Payer ID to the left of the insurance name below the search field. 


To find the Payer ID Automatically

1.) Log into your drchrono account.

2.) Hover over the 'Patients' tab and select 'Patient List' from the drop down menu.


3.) Choose the patient for whom you would like to work with or you can enter the patient name or Chart ID in the "Patient Search" field.

4.) Select the 'Demographics' option from the side menu, and then click on the 'Insurances' tab.

5.) Start typing the insurance company's name or Payer ID into the 'Insurance Company' field, and you will see a drop down of all the payers that match to what you are typing. 

6.) Select the payer you are looking for and the click on 'Save Demographics' at the bottom of the page to save your selection. 

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