How do I create a staff account?


Creating Staff Accounts in DrChrono

Providers have the ability to add staff accounts for their staff members. Staff accounts have the following capabilities which may be restricted based on your practice needs:

  • Full access to DrChrono
  • Scheduling, charting, patient information, settings, profiles, and reporting
  • Sign/Locking of clinical notes and submission of e-prescriptions. However, these are executed on behalf of the provider the staff member is assigned under. Staff members cannot sign/lock clinical notes and submit e-prescriptions under their own name.
  • Billing information and access to all business intelligence tools. Staff members may not submit claims.

A comprehensive list of staff permissions may be found here.

1. To create a staff account, first mouse over Account on your navigation bar and select Staff Members.


2. Select the +Add Staff Member button to the right side of the page. 


3. Fill out the information in the given fields (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Role, etc).

4. A verification email will be sent to the email address you inputted for the staff member.  Have your staff member click on the email and it will direct them to their new account in the drchrono EHR. Your staff member may now begin to log in using the username and password you assigned to them when adding them as a staff member. 

The staff member will initially be marked as inactive until they activate their account using the link provided to them in the verification email.  



VIDEO: Creating Staff in DrChrono

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