How to Build OnPatient Forms


You can customize your own forms for patients to fill out through OnPatient or the Check-In App through the Form Builder in DrChrono. 

Building templates for OnPatient follows the same process as building a clinical form by using the same field types and form tools. The forms can be built in the OnPatient Additional Info and/or OnPatient Reasons for Visit forms.  You can also build a template under the Additional tab and set as a workflow form under OnPatient Additional Info and/or OnPatient Reasons for Visit

1. Go to Clinical Form Builder


2. Under Form List Presents go to OnPatient Additional Info or OnPatient Reasons for Visit


3. Start customizing the form and adding the fields specific to your practice.  You can keep, modify or delete the existing fields as needed. 

For more information about building forms in DrChrono, visit our Form Builder Overview article. 

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