Bulk Inviting All Patients to OnPatient


In DrChrono, you don't need to individually add each patient to OnPatient. There's a way to bulk invite all your patients to OnPatient with the click of a single button. This option is found within the 'OnPatient Settings' section of your account.

To begin, mouse over Account on your DrChrono navigation bar and select OnPatient Settings.



Within OnPatient Settings, there will be a button under the Doctor tab titled Invite all patients now!. When you select this button, all patients with an email address on record will be sent an invitation to sign up for OnPatient.


 A Preview of an OnPatient Invite

The following image is an example of the email your patients will receive:


When your patient clicks the Sign up now! link contained in the email, they'll be directed to the OnPatient website and will be asked to register for an account as well as verify their identity via either social security number or date of birth and phone number. When they register via the emailed link, they'll automatically be associated with you as their provider.


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