Creating and Managing Patient Groups

Creating a New Patient Group

1. Go to Patient > Patient Groups


2. This will take you to your Patient Group page . To create a new Patient Group click + Add Patient Group.


3. Enter the group name and group description of your new group and to add new patients to the group enter the patient name in the search bar and select the desired patient. 


4. Continue to add patients until you've added all of the patients you wish to place into the group.

5. Click the blue Save Patient Group button to save your new group.


Managing a Patient Group

1. Go to Patients > Patient Groups


2. This will take you to your Patient Group page where you can view exiting Patient Groups.


a. To edit an existing group click the Edit button. This will allow you to change the name, the description, add and/or remove patients from that group.


b. To make the group inactive click the Make Inactive button. 


c. You can always reactivate the group by clicking the Make Active button.


c. Manage the patients within the group by clicking Manage Patients button. This will allow you to bring up a more detailed view of the patients within this group. 


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