How do I post a payment manually?

Posting a payment manually has never been easier with drchrono. Follow the instructions below to learn how to post a payment manually.


  1. Log in to
  2. Go to "Billing"
  3. Click on the "Live Claims" feed screen
  4. Click on "Visit Date", it will take you to the "Billing Detail" screen
  5. Click on the "+" icon which is in blue on the right end to the CPT code, you will find the fields to post the transaction for the payment
  6. Enter the check number in the "Check" field
  7. Enter the Adjustment/Patient Responsibility/Denial amount in the adjustment field
  8. Enter the insurance payment in the insurance payment field
  9. Choose the adjustment reason in the adjustment reason drop down, based on that our system will trigger action for the adjustment amount you have entered in the adjustment field.
  10. Choose the insurance provider who made the payment and the status of the claim and hit "Verify and save".

Voilà, you're now an expert on posting payments manually with drchrono!

Please email for any further questions.

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