How do I add a Payer into DrChrono?

In DrChrono you are given the option add a payer. What is a payer? A payer is an insurance company, auto accident insurance, or worker compensation that pays patient claims.  There is a large list of payers loaded into the system, but if you do not find the one you need, you are able to create it following the steps below.


With just a few short click you will easily be able to add a payer into your DrChrono account. Please follow the steps below:

1.) Login to your DrChrono account

2.) Hover your cursor over the 'Billing' tab in the menu bar

3.) Select 'Payer Search' from the drop down list under the 'Enrollments' section.

4.) Select the '+New Payer' button in the top right corner.

5.) Fill out the information into the given fields and click on 'Save'  

That's it! You have now successfully added a new payer. 




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