Where do I find all my ERAs and EOBs?



If you are looking for your ERAs and EOBs, they are only a few clicks away.  Please follow the below instructions: 

1. Hover over the the Billing tab and choose Remittance Reports.



2. You have four (4) options to search; Trace/check #, Patients name, Insurance name, and received date. You only need to enter one of those search criteria to look up your ERAs and EOBs.  If no search criteria is entered, your ERAs and EOBs will be listed in the order they are received/uploaded, with the most recent showing on top.

3. Click on Update Filters to search with the information you have just entered. This will provide you the list of ERAs and EOBs that meet the parameters you set.

4.  Click on the blue Check/Trace # for additional information regarding the particular payment.  

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