How do I add my own consent forms for patients to read, and sign?

By default the HIPAA Data Use Agreement come automatically uploaded in your drchrono account. There are times where different agreements are required for different circumstances, and drchrono allows you to upload those agreements or other paperwork easily. Please follow the below steps to learn how to upload custom consent forms.

1.) Log into your drchrono account.

2.) Hover your cursor over 'Patients' in the menu bar and select 'Consent Forms' from the drop down list.

3.) Enter in the Title for the consent form.

4.) (Optional) Select 'Consent form is mandatory' if you would like the form you are uploading be mandatory to fill out during the patients on-boarding process.

5.) (Optional) Select 'Assign consent form by default' if you need the consent form to show up for all patients on-boarding process.

6.) Select 'Choose File' to open up a window allowing you to navigate to the form you would like to upload.

7.) Once you have selected the form to upload select 'Upload Document'.

That's it! You have now successfully uploaded a new form for your patients to fill out. Click here to return to your OnPatient profile page.

consent forms in menu bar


upload documents

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