How do I create a reminder profile?

A reminder profile is a preset list of reminders you can choose from to alert your patient's of their upcoming appointments. drchrono offers you 2 default reminder profiles to choose from; a standard reminder profile, and a reminder profile for your chronically late patients. You are also given the option to choose from the patient's last sent reminders. This can be useful in cases where you didn't choose a preset reminder profile for the patients previous appointment. If the preset profiles do not fit the needs of your practice drchrono gives you the option to create your own reminder profiles. Please follow the steps below to learn how to do that. 

1.) Log into your drchrono account. 

2.) Hover your cursor over 'Schedule' in your menu bar, and select 'Reminder Profile' from the drop down list. 

3.) Select '+New Profile' in the upper right corner. 

4.) Enter in the new profile name into the given field.

5.) Select '+New Reminder', and choose which type of reminder to use, and the intervals for which you would like to send the reminder. Please Note: If you would like to delete a reminder you added you can select the 'X' to the right of the reminder. If you would like to edit the content select the pencil icon, and if you would like to preview the reminder select the magnifying glass icon.

6.) Once you are satisfied with your new reminder profile select 'Save Reminder Profile' 

Thats it! You have now created a custom reminder profile to use in your appointments moving forward. Click here to return to your reminder profiles. 

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