Using M*Modal's Speech-to-Text With DrChrono


drchrono understands that efficiency and productivity play a huge role in a doctors office. Our goal is to make you successful in all aspects of your practice and we believe that using a Speech-to-Text solution is the best way to do this. This allows you to spend more time treating your patients and less time worrying about if you have captured information correctly. Speech-to-Text is a great way to streamline your daily workflow.

drchrono is integrated with the most accurate HIPAA compliant medical Speech-to-Text product on the market from M*Modal. M*Modal believes that having a Speech-to-Text solution in a doctors office is less about speech recognition, and more about speech understanding. We at drchrono believe the same, which is why we have fully integrated M*Modal into our platform.  

M*Modal is speciality specific and adapts to your accent and speaking patterns to transcribe your words accurately into your clinical notes. Since M*Modal is user specific the way you speak might not be the way your colleague speaks. This is important to know, because if someone other than yourself is using your account it might not work as well for them as it does you due to it being tailored to your voice. 

Everywhere there is a keyboard within the drchrono iPad EHR platform you are given the option to use M*Modal's Speech-to-Text feature. All you have to do is tap on the field you would like to enter text in, select the microphone icon at the top left of the keyboard, and start dictating your note. Once you have finished simply select 'Tap to end' and it will then show you your new accurately dictated note.

M*Modal strives to be as accurate as possible with your dictation, but sometimes it might need a little help on your part. If when using Speech-to-Text it doesn't catch a word correctly the first time all you have to do is delete the incorrect word and retype the correct word. Once you have made that correction moving forward it will always use the word you typed in instead of what was initially used. It's really that simple! 

Please Note: The iPads microphone works quite well, but for best results it is recommended you use a headset and mic while dictating. 

M*Modal's Speech-toText feature is only available on our Hippocrates and higher paid plans

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