How do I make a patient appointment?

drchrono makes it fast and easy for you to make appointments for not only existing patients, but new patients as well. In just a few short steps you will be able to make an appointment and add specific information to the patients file straight from your drchrono calendar. Please follow the steps below to learn how to do this. 

1.) Log into you drchrono account.  

2.) Click on the appointment time you would like to work within. 

3.) Start typing in the patients name into the patient field. If the patient is an existing patient you will see their name be in a drop down menu for you to choose from. If the patient is new to your practice select the 'New Paient' check box and fill out the information accordingly. 

4.) Once you have filled out all of the appointment information click 'Save and Close' if you have entered in all the information needed. If you want to save the appoinment, but still work within the information of the appointment select 'Save' to keep the appointment window open. 

5.) You will now see the patients appointment show up on your drchrono calendar. 

To go to your calendar click here

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