How do I backup all of my information within DrChrono?


drchrono offers a number of ways to back up your information. You are able to backup your patient files and locked clinical notes using your account, which you can learn how to by going here, and you can also learn how to export out your patient demographics by going here. There are a lot of other things that you can export and you will learn how to by going through this article. 


Additional Patient Information 

A patient's medications, allergies, immunizations, and problem lists are not included in the patient files uploaded to your account. You will have to maunally export these out for each patient. Please follow the steps below to learn how to do this. 

1.) From the 'Patients' drop down, please click on 'Patient List' and choose the patient you would like to export the records for:

2.) Once in the patients file please choose 'Clinical Dashboard' from the side menu:

3.) At the top right of the page click on 'Clinical Summary' and choose 'Download PDF' from the drop down menu:

Please Note: This will only export out the patients problem list, lab test list, allergies and adverse reactions, and medications. You will still need to export out the patients Immunizations.

4.) Click on 'Immunizations' on the side menu:

5.) At the top right of the page click on 'Print Immunization Record':


You are able to export out your HCFA forms as a PDF for each patient, or all at once. It is recommended you do one patient at a time, so it makes it easier to attach it to a patients file. The exported HCFA forms will appear in your message center. 

Please Note: You are only able to do 50 appointments at a time. For example, if you have 5000 appointments you will need to export them 100 times and change the filter criteria each time. 

Please go to the 'Billing' drop down and click on 'Lives Claims Feed':


Here, please enter in your search criteria, select 'Update Filter' and you have multiple 'print' options:

Once the forms are generated they will show up in your message center, and from there you will be able to attach them to a patient file, or view the document. If you choose to view the document you will be able to print it out, or save it to a file without having to assign it to a specific patient file. 

If you choose the option 'Export to File' to the left of the 'Print HCFA' option it will only export out the claims details in a .CSV file, and not the line items that you would get when you print out the entire form. 

You are also able to export out all appointments with CPT, and ICD 9 details

Please goto Reports > Advanced Report > and from here you will be able to filter through specific billing statuses, copay methods, insurance statuses, appointment filters, which contains specific ICD-9 codes, and CPT, HCPCS and custom procedures. You can also filter by appointment statuses, and patient filters. Once you have done that you will need to click on the green 'Action' button you will be given the option to export the file(s) out. Once you have done that it will show up in your message center as a .CSV file.

If you would like search for non-specific ICD-9 and CPT/HCPCS information you are able to do that by going to Reports > Appointment Report, and then enter in the search criteria to find what you are looking for. When you have entered in your search criteria select 'Update Filters' at the top right of the screen.

Once you have successfully found the information you are looking for choose the 'Export to File' button. The report will then be sent to your message center as a .CSV file for you to save how you see fit. 




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