How do I manually lock a clinical note?

drchrono allows you to sync your patient files, and locked clinical notes to your HIPAA complient box account. In order for you to backup your clinical notes to your box account they must be locked. The easiest way of finding out which notes have not been locked is to search by date, or by patient on the website. From there you will be able to quickly lock your clinical notes so they sync to your box account. Please follow the steps below to learn how.


1.) Please log into your drchrono account

2.) Go to Clinical > Clinical Notes

3.) Enter in your search criteria, and click 'Refresh'. (You can filter by patient, or date range)

4.) Under the 'Locked (Rendering Signed) ' column click on 'No' next to the clinical note that has not been locked. 

5.) Once the unlocked clinical note loads you will see the option to lock it from the menu bar. Choose 'Sign & Lock' 

That's it, you have now just learned how to manually lock a clinical note. Click here to return to your clinical notes, or here to learn how to backup the rest of your drchrono files.

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