How do I create Tags to attach to a patient document?


A great way to filter a search in a patients history is by using Tags. These are keywords that you set within the drchrono platform to search by. Tags are 100% customizable and you can name them whatever you would like. You are given suggestions when you start typing, but they are only suggestions, you are not required to use them. You will see the benefits of using Tags fairly quickly when added into your already existing workflow. 

Please see below to learn how to set Tags to documents and search through your patients history. 

To Set Tags

1. Log into your drchrono account on the website.

2. Goto Patients > Patient List, and then choose the patient you would like to work with. 

3.) Select 'Document' from the side menu. 

4.) Click on 'Add Files' and choose the file you would like to upload. 

5.) Enter in a description for the document ( This is what you will see when you search using tags, so be sure it is something that makes it easy to identify ) 

6.) Click on "Click to add metatags" directly under the description to start adding Tags to the document. You are given suggestions once you start typing, but Tags are 100% customizable so please don't feel you must use what is suggested. 

7.) Click on 'Upload Files' above the description to complete the process. 

8.) You will now be able to search for the Tags you setup.

-See below screen shots 

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