Everything you need to know about faxing within drchrono

There are a number of ways to send a fax through drchrono. You are able to fax documents using a referral, and we offer free faxes as well.  

When you fax by referral you are able to send the patients demographics, insurance information, clinical summary, and clinical notes. You are also able to fax a patients demographics, and locked clinical notes without having to go through the referral section. It will just count against your monthly fax limit.

To fax a patients demographics, go to the patients chart and click on 'Fax Demographics':

If you would like to fax a locked clinical note, or a specific section of the note please follow the steps below:

Go to Clinical > Clinical Notes > Enter in the patient you want to search for, the date range, and click on 'Refresh'. You will then see a list of notes come up for that specific patient. Click on 'View Note' on the right side of the note. You will then be brought to that specific note, and from there you can fax the entire note, or choose a specific section to fax:

Now there are 2 types of referral faxes. There is a free referral and a fax referral. When you send a free referral it only sends a cover sheet that has a web address to visit and a security code to enter in. When the person you send the referral to visits the website and enters in the security code they will then be able to download the referral and supporting documentation. Sending a free referral does not count against your monthly fax limit.

When you send a fax referral (Not free) it sends the cover sheet, but also has the information attached to it so they aren't required to visit a website to download the patients information using the security code. These referrals count against your monthly fax limit. You aren't paying anything extra to send a fax referral, it simply counts against your monthly limit.

Fax referrals (Not Free) are off by default. If you would like to enable them please go to Accounts > Settings > General Settings tab > scroll down and check the box called 'Enable sending non-free referral faxes'. Once you have done that click on 'Update Entire Profile' to save the changes. Now when you go to send a referral you will be given the option to send both a free referral and a fax referral.


Both referrals do require you to have a fax line through drchrono, which is only available on our paid plans.

Please note: At this time there is no way of doing a bulk fax of clinical notes it has to be done one note at a time, unless you are faxing by referral.


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