Menu 4: Family Health History


Record patient family health history as structured data


More than 20% of all unique patients seen by the eligible professional during the EHR report in period have a structure data entry for one or more first-degree relatives

  • DENOMINATOR: Number of unique patients seen by the eligible professional during the EHR reporting period.
  • NUMERATOR: The number of patients in the denominator with a structured data entry for one or more first-degree relatives, (A family member who share about 50% of their genes with a particular individual in a family, examples include parents, offspring, and siblings).
  • THRESHOLD: The resulting percentage must be more than 20% in order to meet this measure. 


Any eligible professional who has no office visits during the EHR reporting period. 

For additional information from the CMS regarding Menu 4: Family Health History click here.

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  • Avatar
    Dawn Johnson

    How does one get the info for family health history from the iPad template to register on the meaningful use report? To show that this has been met. Or if its in the clinical notes, its met?

  • Avatar
    Steven Ligammare

    Hi Dawn,

    At this time that is not possible, it has to be entered in through the patients chart on the website. From the patients chart you would need to choose Family History from the side menu, and then click the button that say "Add family member" in the upper right corner. That will bring up a pop-up window where you are able to enter in the family member information. Hope that helps.

  • Avatar
    Nicole Goldman

    We ask our patient's for family health history, but a lot do not know. CMS says that "For patients who are asked about their family health history, but do not know their family history, it is acceptable for the provider to record the patient's family history as "unknown."" Is there a way to mark this in DrChrono? If you leave the family history blank, it does not register in the calculation.

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