Reporting: How do I run a report?


Running a Report in the drchrono EHR

drchrono offers you a number of predefined reports and an easy way to create customized reports. Each predefined report has values already chosen for you. If you would like to add or remove a value you will need to create that report in the 'Advanced Report' section. 

Predefined Reports

1.) Mouse over the 'Reports' tab in the menu bar.

2.) Choose which report you would like to run from the drop-down list. If you would like a more in-depth report, you may select 'Advanced Report' which you may customize yourself. This is explain in more detail below.

Please Note: There are many different ways you can customize your reports. You are given options to customize in the following categories: Patient Filters, Appointment Filters, Appointment Status, Billing Status, Copay Method, and Insurance Status.

Due to there being so many different ways to customize a report we will be showing you one of our most requested reports. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a report showing what patients have birthdays for a particular month. 

Using Advanced Reports

1.) Mouse over the 'Reports' tab in the menu bar and choose 'Advanced Report' from the drop down menu.

2.) Select to report results for either 'Appointments' or 'Patients'

3.) Several filters are available for you to narrow your results. Select the type of filter you would like to use.

4.) When you select the type of filter you would like to use, a box will appear with all the filter options you can choose from. Check the filters you would like to add to your report.

5.) Filters will populate your reporting page. Specify your search criteria using the filters you have inserted, then select 'Update Filter' to view a report with patients or appointments within those criteria.

Other Reporting Actions

Once you have your list populated you are given a couple of options under the green 'Actions' button:

Save Filters - This will save your current report to view at a later date which can be found under the 'Saved Filters' tab directly next to the 'Actions' button. 

After you save a filter, you will be able to find your filter in the upper-left hand corner of the advanced report page.

Send Email - This will allow you to send an email to all the patients in the newly generated report 

Create Patient Group - This gives you the options to create a patient group will every patient in the report. 

Export to File - This will export your results into a CSV spreadsheet file and will be delivered to your message center.

  • 'Quick Export' will export the results of your search to a CSV
  • 'Custom Export' will allow you to specify which filters to export to a CSV



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