Core 2: e-Prescribing


Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (eRx).


More than 50% of all permissible prescriptions, or all prescriptions, written by the eligible professional are queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically using a certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT). 

  • DENOMINATOR: Number of prescriptions written for drugs requiring a prescription in order to be dispensed during the EHR reporting period.
  • NUMERATOR: The number of prescriptions in the denominator generated, queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically using CEHRT. 
  • THRESHOLD: The resulting percentage must be more than 50% in order for a provider to meet this measure. 

Please Note: Controlled substances prescribed with drchrono do not count towards this measure as they are unable to be electronically prescribed at this time. 


Any eligible professional who:

  • Writes fewer than 100 permissible prescriptions during the EHR reporting period. 
  • Does not have a pharmacy within their organization and no pharmacies that accept electronic prescriptions within 10 miles of the eligible professional practice location at the start of the reporting period.

For additional information from the CMS regarding Core 2: e-Prescribing click here.

How to (Website)

Step 1.) Open up the patient's chart from the Patient's list or use spotlight search.

Step 2.) Open up the "Send eRx" section to fill out an e-prescription for this patient: 

Step 3.) On the same screen, after filling out necessary information about the medication, you can search for a pharmacy, set a pharmacy as a patients default, and designate specific pharmacies as favorites. Select "Preview Prescription". 

Step 4.) From here, you are able to Edit, Print, Fax, and Send the prescription to complete the eRx process. 

How to (iPad)

Step 1.) Select a patient, click the 3 bar icon on the top right of the screen, and select "New eRx" from the pop out menu. 

Step 2.) Select "New eRx" from the pop out menu

Step 3.) Enter in medication information, choose the pharmacy and click "Preview eRx" 

Step 4.) Click "Send eRx" to electronically submit the prescription, or hold down on "Send eRx" to e-submit, print, or fax the prescription. 



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