How many fax pages Does My Plan Allow?

drchrono offers you a number of ways to communicate with others. One of those ways is by fax. Each package gets a set number of pages every month.  See packages below:
  • Asclepius does not offer faxing 
  • Prometheus - 150 pages per month
  • Hippocrates - 400 pages per month
  • Apollo - 1000 pages per month
  • Apollo+ gets 1000 pages per month
Please Note: Pages will be deducted for both incoming and outgoing faxes.  If you get 5 pages incoming, you will have 145 pages left for the month.  
For any additional pages thereafter you will be charged 5 cents per page.  Pages do not roll over but you get a new set of fax pages every month.
If you would like to add additional fax pages to your package, please contact our sales team at:
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