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In an effort for us to be more transparent with our customers monthly charges we have created a new accounts receivable system to help with that. We are now able to track and report customer usages for the following features much more accurately: Inbound/Outbound Faxes, SMS/Phone call reminders, Emdeon claims both electronic and paper, and lastly IHCFA claims both electronic and paper. 

During the process of migrating our users from the old A/R system to the new A/R system we found that our old A/R system was not correctly tracking customer usages, and subsequently the overages as well. After diving deeper into customer accounts and contracts we realized that drchrono has inadvertently been absorbing these overage charges for a number of years.

Due to the transparency of the new A/R system, and the fact it is now calculating overages correctly you might see small changes to your monthly charges due to that. 

Below are some commonly asked questions about the effects of your account being migrated. 

Q. Why am I suddenly being emailed invoices?

A. Once you have been migrated to our new A/R system you will start receiving a detailed monthly invoice prior to being charged. You are not required to do anything. 

Q. Where do I find my limits?

A. You are able to view your plan limits on drchrono's pricing page, which you can view by clicking here. You can also track your usage by viewing the usage tab within your account settings page.

Q. Is there a way to increase my limits?

A. Please email should you be interested in increasing the limits of any of the following: Emdeon claims, IHCFA claims, faxes, and SMS/Phone reminders.

Q. Why am I suddenly being billed for overages?

A. Customer usage is being tracked much more closely, and we are having to make sure that users are paying for what they actually use. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in the past due to an error on our part. We are not retroactively charging users for past overages, but moving forward users will be responsible for paying their overages. 

Q. Aren't these fees being waived for grandfathered accounts?

A. Unfortunately, due to Emdeon billing, phone/SMS reminders, IHCFA, and faxes all being outsourced for a fee we can no longer continue to incur these charges. All accounts are required to cover their own usage, and overage fees moving forward. 

 Q. I prepaid for my account so why are you sending me a monthly invoice?

A: There are two reasons we send you monthly invoices: 

1. We send you monthly invoices so you can see a monthly breakdown of your account. For example, if you prepaid $2400.00, you will see your monthly charge listed as $200.00. Please note that we are not charging your credit card for the $200.00 monthly fee. We just want you to be able to see how your annual plan breaks down on a monthly basis.
2. Your monthly invoices show you how many fax reminders, SMS reminders, phone reminders, insurance claims, and insurance statements you send per month. You are charged for your reminder overages and insurance processing fees on a monthly basis, so we want to make sure you are aware of these charges when they occur.


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