Are my patients getting their reminders?

drchrono wants to make sure every patient you have scheduled comes in for their appointment. This is the reason we have given you the ability to send your patients automatic reminders. You are able to send reminders to your patients in the form of an email, sms text message, and/or a phone call. drchrono also give you the ability to create custom reminder profiles that you can easily choose from when creating an appointment, click here to learn how to setup a reminder profile.

The reminder report is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to see how many reminders have been successfully sent. You are also given the options to search for specific patients and within the time frame of your choosing. This can be useful when a patient says they have not received any reminders. If the report shows that the reminder(s) was successfully sent you will want to make sure to confirm with your patient that you have their correct contact information. If you choose an email as a reminder please let your patients know to check their spam folder. Some email providers mark these emails as spam, so they never reach the patients actual inbox. 

So what constitutes a successfully sent reminder? 

Phone calls

Our system marks it verified when the receiver picks up and presses 1 when prompted to do so, or a voicemail left

SMS Text Messages

Our system marks it verified when the text message is sent to the carrier successfully (text messages to landlines that don't have SMS won't be confirmed.)


Our system marks it as verified when the receiver clicks on the appointment link. Once the receiver loads the images in their email we know they viewed it. 

See below to learn how to view your reminder report.  

1.) Log into your drchrono account.

2.) Hover your cursor over the 'Reports' tab and choose 'Reminder Report' from the drop down.

That's it! You have now successfully navigated to your reminder report.



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