Commonly asked questions

1.) I am not able to access my patients and their appointments.

Answer: Please go to Account > Settings > Staff Permission > Permission Grid and check "share patients" permission is enabled for your account, if not please enable it. It will fix the problem.

2.) I Need a different start and end time for each exam room.

Answer: Please go to Account > Office > Edit and set the earliest start time and latest end time. Then, go to Schedule > Calendar and make use of break appointments to block off non-working hours in each room.

3.) I am Unable to pull up information using the problem report (Report > Problem Report).

Answer: You can only search with ICD 9 Name / Description not the ICD 9 code.

4.)I am Unable to update the year field in the Medications and Allergies screen on the EHR App.

Answer: Please clear values using backspace till yyyy appears and then enter the required year.

5.) I am Unable to log into EHR/CheckIn but able to do so on the website.

A) Please check your Internet connection on your iPad.
B) Please go to Settings > Drchrono EHR / Checkin > turn off debug mode. It may resolve your problem.

6.) My Calendar pulls up the wrong date when first entering website.

Answer: Our system pulls the current date from your computer. Please check the time/date on your computer and clear cookies, history and cache if necessary.

7.) My Appointments are disappearing from the iPad after entering the clinical note or making a few changes.

Answer: Please go to iPad home screen > Filters > Reset Filters, it should fix the problem. You might have chosen a specific filter and that might be causing appointments to disappear.

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