Using Patient Flags: How do I add a flag to a patient?


Adding Patient Flags to a Patient

Patient flags are a tool that can be customized to note and report attributes of:

  • A patient: Balance unpaid, special care needs, can/cannot receive treatment, needs special paperwork, etc.
  • An appointment: Requires follow-up visit, lab results needed, actions required pre or post-appointment, etc.

They can be used to communicate to your staff actions or characteristics of a patient or appointment and will appear whenever the patient or appointment is opened. Flags also may be used to generate reports, which can give you greater insights to your patients and/or appointments.


1. To add a patient flag to a patient, first bring up the patient's chart by going to Patients > Patient List or searching for the patient. 



2. Ensure Demographics is selected on the left.  Navigate to the Flags tab and select +Add Flag



3. To add a few flag, use the dropdown menu to select from your existing flags. You can add a description, but it is not required.  This description will display in the patient flag as unbolded text. When complete, select Save or Save and Add Another



4. The flag will be added to your patient's list of flags which will be displayed on the patient's chart and all appointments the patient schedules. Click Save Demographics when finished. 



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