Building Billing Profiles


DrChrono's Billing Profiles allow you to save codes or groups of codes to populate on a click when the profile is selected.  With Billing Profiles you can apply a combination of ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, or any custom codes you have created in your account.  By creating the profiles you can save time on billing allowing you more time with your patients. 

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Creating Billing Profiles

1. Go to Schedule > Billing Profiles.



2.  Click +Add New Profile to create a new profile. Billing_Profiles_Add_New_Profile.png


3. Name your profile and select your code(s).  You can enter codes by number or search by a key word. 



5. After filling out the fields you need, click Create



6.  Once created, you can see the codes associated with the profile. 

  • Edit will allow you to make any changes to the Billing Profile. 
  • Archive will remove the profile from your active list. 



You can apply Billing Profiles in multiple places in DrChrono click here for our article on this topic. 

You can connect Billing Profiles to Appointment Profiles here


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