How do I edit reminders?

The drchrono system allows you to automatically send reminders to patients in regards to their upcoming appointments. If you want to customize the timing and the type of correspondences and/or attach a custom message it is easily done. Here's how:


1.) Hover over Schedule and select Reminder Profiles 




2.) Once in the Reminder Profiles page choose the desired reminder profile using the drop-down menu. If you'd like to learn more about creating Reminder Profiles read our article here 




3.) When you've chosen the right reminder profile you can choose the type of correspondence (email, SMS text, or automated phone call), the time between the reminder and the appointment, and whether you'd like the reminder sent before or after the appointment by using the drop-down menus




4.) If you'd like to attach custom text you can do so by clicking on the Edit button at the right of the screen. A text box will appear underneath the specific reminder




5.) If you'd like to preview the reminder before it is sent out simply click on the Preview button to right of the reminder




And the a Preview Pop-up will appear


Please note that the standard text of the messages can't be deleted and any custom text added will appear just above the provider name


6.) If you want to delete a specific reminder from the particular Reminder Profile all you have to do is click on the Delete button to the right of the desired reminder




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