How to track patients who are connected to Onpatient


drchrono's advanced reports are a powerful tool that can provide you with many valuable reporting tools for your practice. This article will cover how to track your patients who are using onpatient with advanced reporting.

1. Go to Reporting > Advanced

2. Click on Patient Filters

3. Select the "OnPatient Connected" box from the list of options that appear

4. This option will now appear in a list below the Patient Filer button. Select the "OnPatient Connected" box to turn on the filter.

5. You'll now need to change the display from "Appointments" to "Patient". Select "Patient" from the "Display by" drop down menu.

6. Click the blue "Search" button

This will generate a report of your patients who are connected onpatient. 

If you want to export this report click on the green "Action" button. This will show a drop down menu with several different options. Click the "Export to File" option if you'd like a csv delivered to your Message Center. 

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