Setting a Workflow Form


Setting a form as workflow allows you to replace the content under the Preset forms with a form you have under the Additional tab by setting it as workflow.  

DrChrono comes with many prebuilt templates for H&P and SOAP notes. You can replace these default templates by setting a custom form that you've built as a workflow form. To do so follow these steps:

 1. Go to Clinical > Form Builder


2. Click on the Additional tab and select the form you would like to take the place of the H&P, SOAP or OnPatient forms.  



3. Once you have chosen the form, go to Options Set as Workflow Form. Next, select the preset form you would like to replace.  In the example below, we are setting the 'Plan' form under the Additional tab as the 'H&P Plan 



4. Once the form has been set as workflow, you can see it under the Preset forms. 



You will also see the Preset form you replaced under the Additional tab. 



6. If you would like to return the form you set as workflow to the original Preset form, select the form, go to the Options menu and select Reset to Default


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