Practice Settings: Assigning Member Roles


Changing Your Staff Roles

Within your practice, different staff members will have different levels of permissions. With staff roles, you can easily customize which staff members have access to different permissions within the drchrono EHR. This guide will teach you how to assign your staff new roles.

To begin, mouse over the 'Account' section in the drchrono navigation bar and a dropdown menu should appear. Select the 'Staff Permissions' option to enter the 'Permissions Administration' page.

In the 'Permissions Administration' page, select 'Staff' to bring up a list of the staff members within the practice.

Select the 'View' button to the right of the desired staff member.

The 'Permissions' editor will open. Select 'Edit Permissions' to unlock the option to change permissions and roles.

After selecting 'Edit Permissions', you may now click on the 'Role' field to reveal a drop down menu. Select the desired role, then verify that the permissions have now changed to the desired settings. To customize a specific staff member, you may check and uncheck any permissions. This will not edit the permissions associated with a role.

Once the desired permissions have been set, you may select the 'Save Permissions' button to update your account within the drchrono EHR.



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