How to Track Bulk Appointment Packages (Authorizations) in drchrono


Appointment packages are used when patients buy a certain number of appointments to be used for a certain time period. For example, some providers will offer packages of 20 appointments a month or 120 appointments a year.  It is possible to track appointment packages purchased by patients in the drchrono EHR system. Please see the following steps to learn how to track appointment packages.

1. The first step is to create a create a custom procedure code. You can create a custom code by going under Billing to the Coding Section and then "New Custom Procedure." You can then fill out the resulting information such as Quantity Units, Note, Price, and Type of Product. You have the option to choose either Service or Product under Type of Product. 



2. The next step would be to go to the Patient List, click on Demographics on the lefthand side, and then click on Authorizations. Once you click the green button that says "Add New Authorization", you can fill out an authorization number, start date, end date, number of visits, and the custom code you created. You do not need to enter an insurance. 


3. When you attach this custom code to an appointment, it will start counting down the number of visits that the Authorization covers. This process will start after the appointment has occurred.  



4. Once you get down to 4 visits, this will generate as a flag on the patient's account. This is the process to track appointments for a single patient. You can create other custom codes for different numbers of appointments and new authorizations for other patients as well. 


Now you can track bulk appointment packages in drchrono!


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