Multi-Office Productivity Reports

drchrono makes it easy for you to track and compare the productivity and billing done in different offices.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you will have access to this critical information.  Please follow the below steps to accomplish gathering productivity reports for multiple offices:  

Step 1: Hover your cursor over the "Reports" tab and click on "Advanced Report":


Step 2: Please click on "Appointment Filters" towards the top of the page:


Step 3: Here, please click on the option "Office" and click "Close":


Step 4: Back on the original page, now you can see there is an option to filter by office:

 With this report you are able to see how productive each office (or groups of offices) is in your practice and how much revenue they produce.  This lends to be incredibly helpful for managing the success of multiple offices within your practice. 

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