Transferring patient’s credit from one account to another (From patient A to B)

You have to post a negative transaction to reverse the credit in patient A to post it in the patient B. Here are the steps on how to do it:

1. Go to Billing > Patient Payments

2. Click on "Patient Payments" tab > Select the patient A > Hit “Search”

3. Enter the payment date, appointment date, payment type and enter a note stating "Transferred to B" account

4. Enter the amount in negative (-0.00) > click on “Add”

5. Click on "Patient Payments" tab >Selects the patient B > Hit “Search”

6. Select the payment date and appointment date

7. Select the payment type and enter a note stating "Transferred from A" account
Enter the amount in positive (0.00) > click on “Add” to post the payment

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