How to resubmit a corrected claim?

You can send a corrected claim by following the below steps to all the insurances except Medicare (Medicare does not accept corrected claims electronically). To submit a corrected claim to Medicare make the correction and resubmit as a regular claim (Claim Type is Default) and Medicare will process it.

1) Hover over the "Billing" Tab and choose "Live Claims Feed".

2) Enter the Patients or Chart Id in the "Patient Search" field.

3) Click on the Visit date for the appointment you want to send a corrected claim and make the changes. This will direct you to the Billing Detail screen.

4) Towards the top right corner, you will find a field as “Claim Type", please select the claim type as “Re-submission”, you will receive a warning message and you would need to click on "OK". If the claim has been processed or denied by the insurance, it automatically assigns a original claim ID. If it does not assign a claim ID, you will need to check the Eob for the claim number.

5) If you would like to leave a note to the Insurance on the resubmission, then click on “EDI Billing Note” and enter the note.

6) Check the “Resubmit Claim” check box and hit “Verify and save” to submit to the insurance. 

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