Can the patient edit their Medication/ Allergies and Problems?


The patient cannot directly edit their Medication/Allergies and Problems, but they do have the option to inform their provider of any changes by 1) sending a message to your provider, or 2) providing any changes in the “Changes to Medication” section when filling out the check-in forms prior to the appointment. 

NOTE: Option 2 is dependent on whether the provider provides access to the patient to fill out the forms prior to the appointment via OnPatient or Check-In App. 


Below are steps on how the patient can inform the provider of any changes to the Medications/ Allergies and Problems. 


Option 1


1. Log into the OnPatient Portal and click on Send Message. 




 2. Click on Send Message once the message is drafted and ready to be sent. 




Option 2


1. If you are using OnPatient or the Check-In App to onboard patients prior to the appointment, log into OnPatient  click the Check In option beside the appointment.




2. Next, scroll to the Medication/Allergies and Problems sections and note any changes.





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