Can the patient edit their Medication/ Allergies and Problems?

The patient cannot directly edit their Medication/Allergies and Problems, but they do have the option to inform their provider of any changes by 1) sending a message to your provider, or 2) providing any changes in the “Notes” section when filling out the forms prior to the appointment. 

NOTE: Option 2 is dependent on whether the provider allows the patients to fill out the forms prior to the appointment. 

Below are steps on how the patient can inform the provider of any changes to the Medications/ Allergies and Problems:

Option 1

Log into the OnPatient Portal > click on the "Message Icon" at the top right corner > click on "New Message" > click on "Send Message" once the message is drafted

Option 2

If the provider has allowed patients to fill out forms prior to the appointment, log into the OnPatient Portal > click on the specific appointment “Form Link” in orange.

Next, scroll to the Medication/Allergies and Problems sections and note any changes in the “Notes” section.




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