• What are the advantages of using box?

box is a great way to have your patient documents backed up in a second location. This can make it extremely easy to send patient information to one of your patients upon request. Just share the patient file with the patient email and they have everything they need.

  • How do the documents sync?

Every 15 minutes the drchrono servers scan for new patients and documents. If any patients or documents have been added, they are pushed to the box servers and into the proper patient folder in the provider’s box account.

  • Do I have to individually sync all documents?

You can choose whether to sync individual patients or all patients, but you can’t sync individual documents for a patient.

  • How do I get the billing information for the account into the box account?

Unfortunately drchrono does not sync billing information automatically.

  • Will lab results sync to box?

 No, Lab results that come in through our interfaces with Health Gorilla, Quest and LabCorp will not sync. Any legacy labs or other results that are stored as documents will sync with Box.

  • Is there certain file formats box accepts and others it does not?

No, box will accept all the file formats that drchrono accepts

  • How do I know if all the files have synced?

You can see a blue “b” logo next to each document that has been synced to box under the Patient Document tab

  • How do I know how much storage I need?

A safe estimate is 50mb per patient (estimate higher if you frequently have XRays or other image-based documents for patients) 

  • How do I know which patients I have synced to box?

Under the patient documents tab, you can see the blue “box” icons next to documents.  To see if the whole patient is syncing you can look for the button on the right of the Patient Documents tab labeled “Syncing with Box”

  • Will medications sync to box?


  • What gets synced? 

Uploaded Documents, lab results, and locked clinical notes (if enabled in settings)

  • Does it create folders for each patient or do they have to create folders?

It automatically creates folders for each patient. 

  • If in Practice Group, how do the providers use box for all providers and how do they connect? 

This needs to be set up manually by our customer success team, the sync will create folders for each provider, and folders for each patient. If you're interested in doing this please contact our customer success team.

  • How long do I need the account open for?

This depends on user to user. Generally, we recommend keeping the box account for as long as you plan to use it as a backup system for your patient information. If, for example, you transfer all of this data to an encrypted hard drive or another cloud storage service, you can discontinue using Box. We leave this decision to the individual.

  • Who should I contact to increase box storage?

You can contact box sales here.

  • Which plan they need to sign up with box?

This depends on how much storage you need. box's free plan provides 10GB. Contact box sales if you'd like more storage space.

  • Is Box HIPPA compliant?

box’s free plan is not HIPAA compliant. You need to upgrade to an enterprise plan for HIPAA compliance.

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