Patient Demographics

A lot of important patient information can be found in the patient demographic page. This can also be referred to as a patient's chart. 

To get to the patient chart quickly, use our hotspot search! It's located in the top right corner of the website, no matter what page you're on. It will take you directly to the patient demographic page.


You can also find a patient by navigating to Patients > Patient List.




Once there, you can search for a particular patient, or use the "more filters" option on the right of the screen to add additional search options such as including inactive patients, patients with incomplete billing information, etc.







Once you have selected your patient, you can reach their demographics page by selecting the option on the right of your screen.  



Once you're in the patient chart there's a lot of different things you can do. For example, if you have your patients fill out their demographic information through OnPatient or the DrChrono Check-In App, you can find that information in the Demographics tab.


You can also manually add the information, or make changes. So if the patient has an updated email, phone number, address, etc., you can change that under the demographics tab shown below.  You can also document things such as insurance authorizations and adding patient flags.




  • How can I edit or change my patient's email?

 Click on the Demographics tab on the left side menu and then the Important tab in the middle page, you'll be able to access the patient's email information. You can change the email here. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page once you're finished and click the blue "Save Demographics" button to save any changes.

  • What format are phone numbers recorded in?

Phone numbers should be in the XXX-XXX-XXXX. Parentheses are not needed for the area code.


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