eRx: What do the U/NF/NR/NP/PX (formulary) symbols mean?


A Guide to Formulary Symbols

A formulary is a list of drugs or supplies that indicate the greatest overall value after evaluation for both safety and effectiveness. In drchrono, medications and supplies are labeled with formulary symbols, indicated by one or two letters and a color code.

In addition to being present in the medication or supply search results, the formulary status is also indicated below the medication or supply name after selection.



What the formulary symbols mean

The formulary symbols refer to the following meanings:

  • U: Unknown formulary status
  • NF: Non-formulary
  • NR: Not reimbursable
  • NP: Not preferred
  • PX: Preferred at level X, with X indicating a more preferred medication or supply. This will show as "P34" for a level 34 medication or supply. Higher numbers indicate higher preference.

This information is readily accessible via the legend on the "New eRx" page. Click on the 'Show/hide legend' button to display a guide that explains all the symbols.



Additional information after selecting a medication

After selecting a medication, an information pane will appear to the right of the New Rx form. This pane will contain three options to choose. These may or may not be clickable depending on the medication selected:

  • Alternatives: Other options to the selected medication
  • Copay: Standard copay information according to the patient's insurance plan
  • Coverage: Pharmacy benefit management (PBM) information


For more information on how to use this pane, please refer to our guide here:
eRx: How do I use the alternatives/copay/coverage pane?

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