How to Edit Basic Patient Information in onpatient

Allow your patients to submit their information before they even reach the doctor's office. They'll need to set up an onpatient account which you can learn more about here.


Once you have an onpatient account, log in.

The patient will need to have an appointment scheduled to edit their basic demographic information. If they have an appointment set up click "Forms".

This will direct the patient to their basic information along with Additional Information and Reason for Visit that is specific to your onpatient templates. 

The patient isn't required to fill in everything, but they do need to read and sign any documents the doctor has submitted for the appointment. Click the "Read" icon and then the "I've read this document" button.

Once they've read all of the required documents, draw the signature in the signature box and save it.

The patient is now ready to save their info! Click the "I'm Done" button to save all of the updates

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