Communicating with your Patients


Under the Communication tab in the patient chart you can find a the log for patient communication. Messages sent through OnPatient, reminders sent, and phone logs.


This is a log of all the messages the patient has sent or you have sent through OnPatient. 

If you have OnPatient enabled for the patient, you may click the blue Send Message to send a HIPAA compliant new message to the patient.

You may select Send Email to send an email to the patient. However, the send email feature is not HIPAA compliant. 

Reminders Sent

This is a list of all of the appointment reminders that have been sent to the patient. You can see the confirmed status here as well.

Communication Logs 

See all of your phone logs here. You can also create new phone logs here. To learn more about how to create new phone logs check out this article.

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