CCDA Files and DrChrono


To meet Meaningful Use requirements, DrChrono allows for C-CDA exports and imports of information. We offer bulk imports of C-CDA files on paid plans. If this is something you're interested in reach out to our sales team!

To learn more about what C-CDA is check out CMS's page on C-CDA files.


1. Go to Patients > Patient List.

2. Click Update patient (via C-CDA XML) button.

3. Choose the C-CDA file you wish to upload and select Preview.

This will upload the file to our system so our team can start working on uploading the patient demographics for you.


1. Go to Patients > Patient List

2. Click Export (C-CDA XML) button.


3. This will send the file to your Message Center. This can take a few minutes for the system to generate but once it's ready click on the Message Center (Message_Center_Icon.png) icon to access the C-CDA file.

4. Select the C-CDA message and click Download Document.

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