Template Builder: How do I use Smart Fields?


Using Smart Fields with Switches

Smart Fields are fields that are revealed when a switch is toggled to the ON position. The purpose of a Smart Field is to minimize clutter in your templates and easily trigger a natural procession of follow-up questions. Smart Fields are currently only compatible with switches and may not be used with any other fields.



Within the builder, drag and drop the switch field onto your template.

Click on the newly added switch field to bring up the field editor. Select 'Smart Field' checkbox to make this switch field a Smart Field. When you are done, select the 'Update Field' button. At the bottom of the template, select 'Save' to start associating other fields to the Smart Field.

Afterwards, add fields that you would like to be revealed when the switch is triggered. For now, they function as normal fields that appear regardless of the switch.

To make the fields triggered by the switch, click on the field you would like to be controlled by the switch. This will bring up the field editor. Now, a 'Parent Field' dropdown menu will appear underneath the field name. Select the name of your switch and your field will be associated with your newly created smart switch. Note: This dropdown menu will only appear if you have clicked 'Save' on your template. 


A hierarchy icon will appear next to your switches, indicating that the switch has fields dependent on it. 


Now when you flip the switch on your template, all associated fields will appear for you to fill out. If you then set the switch as "OFF", all the filled information in the associated fields will remain but the clinical note text that otherwise would generate, would not appear in your clinical note.


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