Custom Data: Creating Custom Vitals


In the drchrono EHR, you can set up custom vitals to appear as fields you may enter during an appointment. Custom vitals are a great way to customize the drchrono EHR to your specific practice needs. To set up custom vitals, you'll need to access the 'Custom Data' portal. To get started, mouse over 'Account' on your Navigation Bar and select 'Custom Fields'.

You'll be presented with the 'Custom Data' portal. On the left-hand navigation bar, select 'Vital Signs'. 


After selecting 'Vital Signs', you'll be brought to the 'Custom Vital Signs' page. To create a new custom vital sign, select the '+Add New Vital Sign' button in your upper right hand corner.


The 'Edit Custom Vital Sign' form will pop up. Here you can enter in the information for your new vital sign.

You'll be presented with several fields:

  • Name: The name of the custom vital that shows up throughout the drchrono EHR.
  • Template Name: The text code for your custom vital that shows up in the builder of your custom template (eg. {{custom_value_name}}).
  • Data Type: The type of data to be entered during the appointment. The available selections are: Plain Text, Number, and Single Selection. Plain Text means that the field records typed text, Number records a numerical value, and Single Selection provides a list of values that can be selected from. After selecting Single Selection in this form, a field to enter your list of values will appear.
  • Decimal Places: The amount of decimal places that the number requires. This field is not available if the 'Data Type' selection is not 'Number'.
  • Show + Sign Checkbox: This checkbox enables or disables the use of positive or negative numbers and will show the + or - sign. This field is not available if the 'Data Type' selection is not 'Number'.
  • Unit: The unit of the field entered (eg. 'kilograms'). You may also enter a custom unit for your appointment needs. This field is not available if the 'Data Type' selection is not 'Number'.
  • Is Fraction: Checking this box will indicate that there will be two fields that needs to be entered. Once this option is selected, a field that allows you to enter your delimiter will appear. Here you can use the standard fraction '/' delimiter or you can use whatever delimiter you need (eg. the '+/-' delimiter will allow you to enter precision in your appointment, "30.5 +/- 0.3").
  • Description: The description of your custom vital.

After you select save, you can see your custom vital in the list of custom vitals.

To test your custom vitals, you can visit the template builder or the appointment 'Vitals' tab. For the template builder, when you edit a field, you can have the custom vital displayed in your Complete Note by selecting from the 'Custom Vital' dropdown menu. In the box that displays the generated text in your Complete Note, you will see the 'Template Name' of your custom vital shown as {{vital_name}}.

You can also test your new custom vital in the 'Vitals' tab of the 'Schedule Appointment' form when creating a new appointment. Here, you can see your custom vitals displayed, enter the vitals, and save them as you see fit.


After setting up your custom vitals, you'll be able to run your practice with a more customized EHR experience.





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