Adding an Amendment from a Patient's Chart


DrChrono allows you to add amendments to patients.  This is perfect if you've already signed and locked a note, but you have to make some changes.  Through the amendment you can indicate any changes to the patients note without unlocking it and without making any official changes to the original note.

1. Hover over the Patients tab and select Patient List.


2. Under Patient Search search for the patient you want to add the amendment to and select the patient.


3. On the left hand side select Documents.


4. From the document tabs select Amendments

5. You are now able to:

  • Upload any documents connected to the amendment  
  • Choose the amendment source i.e. Patient, Provider, etc.
  • The status of the amendment whether it is accepted or denied
  • Leave any comments or notes
  • Select the request date
  • Select the processed date


6. After your amendment is attached it will be located at the top of the amendment section.  From here you can edit the amendment and view all the information you filled out.

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