Add an amendment to a clinical note


What happens when you sign and lock a clinical note, but you need to make an adjustment or add information without unlocking it?  Well don't worry drchrono makes it easy to add any adjustments or changes through amendments. Amendments are added to the end of the clinical note and allows your pre-existing information to remain the same, while documenting the new changes.  This article will show you how to add amendments through the web and mobile systems.

Add amendments through the web based EHR:

1.  Go to the "Clinical" tab.  Scroll down and select "Clinical Notes."


2.  Go to the search option for "Patient Name."  Type in the patient's name whose clinical note you want to make adjustments to.



3.  A list of the patients clinical notes will appear.  Select the note you want to add the amendment to by clicking on "View Note."

4.  In the top right section click on "Amendment."  A pop up window will appear where you can type in any adjustments or changes that need to be made to the clinical note.


5.  After typing in your comments select the green "Add new amendment" button.


6.  Your amendment will automatically be saved to the last page of the clinical note.  You will also be able to see the amendment in the patient's chart under documents in the amendments section. 


Add amendments through the mobile based EHR app:

1.  Under the main appointments screen select the patients appointment you want to add an amendment to.


2.  Select the blue "Chart" button.


3.  Ensure you are under "View Complete Note."  Select the Actions Tab in the top right corner.


4.  Select the "Amendments" button.


5.  A pop up screen will appear where you can type in the amendment you want to make.  Click on "Save."


6.  Your amendment will save to the end of the clinical note.  If you ever need to see any amendments connected to the patient you can view them under the patient's chart under documents.



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